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About Pazitud

Behind The Concept

The term Pazitud was created by combining the Spanish word “paz” (peace) with the word “actitud” (attitude).

It simply means “an attitude of peace.” When Yane decided to make peace her priority, she aligned with her purpose, found more joy in her work and healed herself from chronic heartburn and recurring headaches.

Suddenly, everything in her life began to change for the better. Everything she wanted began to manifest through a state of flow and satisfaction, rather than a state of resistance and dissatisfaction.

Peace, not high performer stress, is what led her to the magical life she lives today.

Behind The Logo

The swan is a symbol of transformation and is the chosen mascot to represent Pazitud. Swan, as a spirit animal, is associated with peace, love, trust, loyalty, and maintaining a graceful attitude under pressure. Swan symbolism is also linked to inner beauty and self-love. All of these qualities are ingredients and byproducts of what will happen to you once you align with your Pazitud and begin to experience life from there.

Further, the circle in which we see the swan resting represents unity, wholeness, completeness. The circle is slightly open, thus allowing the swan to be present where it currently is and to look forward to where it is headed. It is symbolic of the journey of your soul’s need to constantly learn, grow, and flourish.

What a beautiful and magical way to do life! Once you connect with your Pazitud Swan energy, you will flow like the graceful swan and experience your life and your accomplishments on a whole other level. Are you ready?

Meet The Founder

Yane is an individual who cannot easily be put in a box. Some “titles” she’s gone by in her life so far are Stress & Anxiety Coach, Pazitud Creator, Marketing Strategist, Video Producer, Singer, Project Manager, Product Manager, International Business Development Director, CEO, Entrepreneur and overall High Performer. But those are just titles. They are not WHO she is. And YOUR titles are also not the totality of who YOU are.

More than anything, Yane is a creative soul having a human experience. One that is here to learn, to grow, and to align with the highest expression of her Self during her time here on Earth. More important to her than anything, is to be able to be a light and shine brightly for those who need to see amidst their own darkness. She’s here to be a guide on your journey toward more love, more peace, more enjoyment, and more alignment with who you truly are.

As your guide, Yane shares a lot of free content and resources for you via her social media and the blog on this site. Among her content, she offers you the virtual programs #Pazitud and #PazitudKids, where she teaches breathing and meditation to adults and children. In addition, she shares her #AnxietyTips through her social networks and other media outlets such as Univision Radio, Caracol Radio and BM The Network.

Connect with Yane on Instagram and Facebook @YaneDiazLearn and watch her tips and meditations on YouTube and LinkedIn “Yane Diaz.”