Learn to Achieve Through Peace

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Free Pazitud Session

Every person is different and has different needs. Yane’s sessions are always full of surprises because when she and another person come together, there is a co-creation that happens that can only exist through the coming together of those two specific individuals. Be ready to be amazed at the divine being that you are!

What to expect:

  • You’ll discover what’s really robbing you of your peace and making you feel stressed or anxious often

  • You’ll gain clarity on who you truly are and what you want

  • You’ll identify your purpose or life mission and will know what steps to take to begin aligning with it

  • You’ll identify those areas in your being that are holding on to resentment, regret, shame, guilt, and unforgiveness and will heal them

  • Much more!

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      Pazitud Coach

      Yane Díaz

      Yane is a creative soul having a human experience. One that is here to learn, to grow, and to align with the highest expression of her Self during her time here on Earth. She’s here to be a guide on your journey toward more love, more peace, more enjoyment, and more alignment with who you truly are.

    What Our Clients Think

    "Yane is comforting, understanding, and calming in times of chaos and mixed emotions. Supportive in times of need. Encouraging and empowering in times of uncertainty."

    - Angie

    Yane has this intrinsic knowledge of how people think and why they act the way they act. She has an energy about her that immediately makes you feel comfortable and safe in her presence."

    - Katty

    "She guided me and helped me with exercises and tools to manage my anxiety and also overcome it. I would recommend Yane to anyone who is dealing with stress and anxiety in their lives."

    - Andres

    "Coaching with Yane has been a gift! Being a leader and dealing with anxiety is not a fun thing, but I always learn something new with her. She has helped me learn to manage my anxiety."

    - Zulmarie